Software Engineer I

July 25, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

  • Full Time

Group Company: Quick Heal Technologies Ltd

Designation: Software Engineer I (QH_DES_318), Software Engineer I (QH_DES_380), Software Engineer I (QH_DES_400), Software Engineer I (QH_DES_362), Software Engineer I (QH_DES_587), SOFTWARE ENGINEER (QH_DES_740)

Office Location:

Years of experience: 0 to 1

Salary Range: INR to (Annual)

Position description: The role is for primary level technical expertise required for product development in security and networking domain.

Primary Responsibilities:

He would be able to fix coding level bugs.
[Requires – Good programming skills in any of the language (C/C++/Java/JavaScript), Basic data strcture knowledge(Arrays, Vectors, LinkLists)]
Able to process and explore inputs given by mentors to dig down further details of the product features.
Understands the product related discussion well enough in terms of architecture, design
[Requires – Good understanding of Operating systems concepts like process, thread, synchrnoization, file handling, memory management (Linux or Windows or MAC) ]
With few inputs should be able to do dev & testbed setups, write and execute tests, report bugs.
Should be able to do simple bugfixes and small enhancements.[Requires – Good analytical, programming skill]
Should ask relevant queries to peers/seniors related to product, technology, domain
Should gain product and domain knowledge in the process. [Requires – Proactiveness, learning aspect, communication, behavior aspect]
Additional Responsibilities:

Reporting Team

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Educational qualifications preferred

Category: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree

Field specialization: Computer Science

Academic score:
Institution tier:
Required Certification/s:

Required Training/s:

Required work experience

Years of experience: to
Key Performance Indicators:

Required Competencies:

Must have excellent programming skills.

Functional Competencies


Ability to learn

Positive attitude

Good team member

Required Knowledge:

0-1+ years experience in software product development preferably in networking or security domain.

Excellent C/C++/Java/Angular programming skills.

Basic knowledge of networking or security domain.

Basic understanding of OS concepts(Linux/Windows/MAC)


Required Skills:

Required abilities

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